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Bridal 3d real mink lashes is all about creating a picture perfect image-the bride should outshine everyone on the day, and make her groom weak at the knees when she walks down the isle.

The latest bridal 3d  real mink lashestechnique to help makeup artists achieve the perfect wedding makeup is airbrushing. The cornerstone of any great makeup look is foundation, and there is no better way to apply foundation that with an airbrush. Celebrities have been using it for years to get the picture perfect makeup we see them with at the Oscars and other red carpet events-and no, they don’t all have perfect skin, but my bet is they do all have an airbrush makeup artist!

 3d real mink lashes
3d real mink lashes

So why is airbrushing the latest bridal 3d real mink lashes? Well it’s taken a number of years for airbrushing to come out of the exclusive world of celebrity and into the mainstream, but since it has, women everywhere are reaping the be nefits. Home and salon-use kits are available at reasonable cost, and the results an airbrush gives when compared to regular foundation application is flawless.

The reason why airbrushing is so revolutionary, and so perfect for bridal makeup is that it goes on in light layers that have perfect coverage-so for a completely covered face it only takes about eight drops of makeup-try getting flawless, soft coverage like that with eight drops of regular foundation!

Airbrushing really comes into its own as the latest bridal makeup when the bridal contouring comes into play. Contouring is essential in bridal looks because it adds definition to the face, making sure that the bride has dimension and depth in her wedding photos. With normal contouring methods, it can sometimes look a little patchy, but airbrushing blends seamlessly, so the contouring is imperceptible, except for when it counts. Color matching is also completely customizable in an airbrush.

Airbrushing can also help to define and enhance a bridal decolletage-celebrities have been using that trick for years, especially when ‘painting’ a six pack on self-conscious male celebs. The latest bridal 3d real mink lashes trends are all about looking naturally beautiful, and that comes down to skin tone, so its no wonder that airbrushing is the biggest thing to hit the bridal makeup industry, because an airbrushed face simply looks like perfect natural skin.

HD makeup is also making its mark in bridal looks, because the formulas are so refined that they actually create an optical illusion, creating glowing skin with their light-reflecting particles. HD foundations were developed to cope with the exacting standards of HD film and camera and the growing 3D movement in film. Airbrush companies like Dinair have long been predicting the 3D revolution, and have airbrushing HD makeup that looks flawless under an HD camera and even better in real life

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 3d real mink lashes
3d real mink lashes

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