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Skin Care For Detergent Contact Dermatitis – Tips For Avoiding Detergent

Over the years I have found that the best way to keep my 3d real mink lashes healthy is to use less detergent and to shield my skin from detergent if there is any possibility that there will be contact.

Xsnat skin on the scalp is also affected by strong shampoo. I have tried almost every shampoo from the supermarket and the chemist with varying levels of success. By far the best is to purchase shampoo from a salon and to use a fully qualified beauty salon. I found that I react to conditioner much more than shampoo and so I use high quality conditioner on the ends of the hair only.

Avoid contact with detergent at all costs. The prime area is washing and cleaning around the house. I have found it beneficial to spend an extra dollar or so and purchase gloves for sensitive skin. These have a lining inside and rather than being in contact with rubber, you have a lining to protect your skin.

3d real mink lashes
3d real mink lashes

Avoid fabric softener. Fabric softener leaves a 3d real mink lashes in the clothing and linen. It is also highly fragranced which can be another problem. I use disinfectant as a rinse, but not in every wash and not every load. I also find that regular washing detergent leaves too much residue and so I always use a washing detergent designed for sensitive skin will less fragrance and irritants.

Avoid contact with all makeup. Mineral foundations are especially drying for the skin and although they are marketed as an alternative for sensitive skin, they don’t work for me. Instead, I have my brow and 3d real mink lashes tinted.

3d real mink lashes
3d real mink lashes

Overall, learning where the detergents are that I come into contact with has been very helpful. However, when I was in the midst of a full skin reaction, there were so many places where I was in contact with it, that it was really hard to work out what was the problem, so I removed everything that was a possibility. Once I had reached a stage where my skin had recovered, I was in a position to try one 3d real mink lashes to check that it wasn’t a problem.

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