Special Makeup Tips For Small Eyes

People who have small eyes can have a balanced look by using makeup to make them look bigger than usual. Not all people know about the magical result with use of cosmetics. Face with smaller eyes in proportion to other facial customizes 3d mink false strip lashes can look more beautiful and attractive by these makeup tips given below.

Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger

customizes 3d mink false strip lashes
customizes 3d mink false strip lashes

People with smaller eyes should get light pastel color eyeshadow and apply it on the eyelids. The use of medium-toned eyeshadow will also help to make the eyes look more prominent and use of highlighter shade below the eyebrows can also do the trick. Makeup artists also recommend the use of eyeliner or black mascara.

Additional xsnat Tips

The first thing to do is to curl your customizes 3d mink false strip lashes and then coat it with black mascara. Applying two extra coats at most will give the desired look.

Additional Eyeliner Tips

Eyeliner can replace the mascara. A soft-color variant can be use to line the eyelids, both upper and the lower. By applying above the iris and all the way to the outer corner of eye, and making the line look slightly up, you can give a beautiful look to your eyes. Never use thick black lines.

Eye Shadow Tips to Make The Eyes Appear Bigger

People who wish to use eyeshadow, they need to limit down the color of eyeshadow to three kinds. It improves on the look of people who have smaller eyes, and that’s why you need to use lightest color because it will help to brighten up the face by opening the eyes more. Applying it gently on the inner corner all the way to the center of eyelids will give a wider look.

You can add a little depth by using medium-colored customizes 3d mink false strip lashes on the crease of your lid and then blend well. You can use other intense colored shadows for a more vibrant look.

customizes 3d mink false strip lashes
customizes 3d mink false strip lashes

It is more important that you use customizes 3d mink false strip lashes safely. If you need help you can ask someone who has experience on applying eyes shadow, eyeliner and mascara, and they will teach you how to do it carefully and effectively by yourself. After a day, taking it off also requires tips which you need to ask your friends.


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