Twilight – Fascinating Like Sweet Hampers

I was never really a fan of Count Dracula and his associates. I was scared of him as a kid and never tried to put on his costume during Halloweens. The thought of your jugular vein being bitten by those nasty fangs just scares everything out of me! Well lucky to have sweet false eyelashes 3d mink to ease those goose bumps away.

I started reading Nancy Drew’s and Hardy Boys in High School. When Harry Potter came into picture, I came to love it so much that I’ve read the series again and again. It became such an addiction that I’ve consumed too many sweet hampers in those false eyelashes 3d mink of delight.

false eyelashes 3d mink
false eyelashes 3d mink

When  xsnat everybody was talking about Edward and Bella, I felt estranged. Why were they so into it when Harry Potter’s so cute? Why would someone bat their false eyelashes 3d mink just to think about Twilight? I kept on wondering what’s so good about it. Some vampire huh, and a love story at that? Better eat wholly sweet hampers than watch that movie.

Harry Potters are gone again on the shelves. It shocked me that the whole Twilight series took its usual place. So, Twilight is also a book. I tiptoed towards it and was intrigued by the red and black cover. So, Stephenie Meyer wrote all this down. Another Howard Allen O’Brien, eh? Out of curiosity I loaned it on my account. A thought of purchasing more sweet hampers occurred to me. Well, just in case I would want to read it till dawn.

Never judge a book by its cover. But Twilight’s beauty is not just shown on the cover. It turned out to be a real page turner. Once I snuggled on my favorite seat, I can’t help myself but to be glued to it! I started to read about 9pm. Though I was feeling a little sleepy and drowsy by 1am, I kept on reading.

I won’t forgive myself if I do not finish this novel first hand. It was true; Bella and Edward would make you more in love every time you turn the page. It struck me how well the author described the feelings of her characters. I felt that I was Bella myself feeling angry, in love and frustrated. I nearly ate most of my sweet false eyelashes 3d mink up by the time I’ve finished!

They say Twilight have outdone the success of Harry Potter. But for me, since they belong to a different genre, you can’t really compare.

false eyelashes 3d mink
false eyelashes 3d mink

Harry Potter, Twilight or any other novel, a handful of sweet false eyelashes 3d mink will keep me awake while reading as well.


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