Makeup Ideas and Tips For Your Geisha Costume

A geisha is a trained female Japanese hostess. They are said to be elegant, beautiful and accomplished in the arts of music, dance and poetry. Having said this, dressing like a geisha should mean you have to dress the part of the accomplished geisha. To look like a geisha, you have to learn how to apply their hair and makeup. If done properly, you should look exotic and polished. The makeup helps compliment your geisha costume and bring it to full 3d real mink false lashes.

Things you will need:

full 3d real mink false lashes
full 3d real mink false lashes

You will need a white cream makeup and some face powder as your foundation. You will also need a black eyeliner, brown eyebrow liner, black mascara and peach or red or eye shadow for your eyes. For your lips, you will need a red lipstick and lip liner.

1. Xsnat and dry your face as a preparation. Tie your hair back to clear your face.

2. Apply a white cream makeup on your face for your foundation. This should include your whole face, under your chin, your lips, eyes and eyebrows. Foundation is optional for your neck. Apply a light dusting of powder to make a polish and matte finish. A good idea would be to apply your makeup in a cool or air-conditioned room to avoid your makeup from melting.

3. Apply your red or peach eye shadow lightly on the lower outside area of your eyelids. Smudge it outward.

4. Apply your black liner thickly on your top eyelid with a winged line on the outside edge.

5. Draw your eyebrows thinly with a brown eyebrow liner. Make an arch brow effect.

6. Apply your black mascara on your full 3d real mink false lashesV and let dry.

7. To finish off you look, apply color to your lips by first using a red lip liner. Use it as an outline for your lips. It should be smaller than your real lip and curvier. Fill in the outlined area with red lipstick.

full 3d real mink false lashes
full 3d real mink false lashes

*Note: This should be done properly to create and exotic appeal. If done wrong, it would make you appear like a clown and trust me we don’t want that to happen.

With this done, your full 3d real mink false lashes makeup is complete. Remember, these tips are only the basics. You can create different geisha looks with some practice to compliment your geisha costume. Have fun


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