5 Steps to Stop Pulling Out minks lashes – Pulling Eyelashes Cure

Pulling out eyelashes is a form of Trichotillomania. This disorder sees the sufferer compulsively hair pulling or plucking hair from the body and head. The urge for pulling eyelashes or any bodily hair can begin at any time and is normally a symptom of anxiety and stress. As a result of this condition, the sufferer is left with no minks lashes or bald patches.

Cure For Pulling Out Eyelashes

Pulling eyelashes can be cured by various treatments, just like any other addictive disorder.

1. Medicinal – Reuptake inhibitor drugs

Doctors will primarily prescribe drugs such as Prozac and Zoloft as treatment for Trichotillomania. These Seratonin reuptake inhibitors have been proven to be effective in treating the possible cause of pulling out minks lashes that is a Seratonin difficiency.


2. Emotional Triggers

Boredom, xsnat stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and pain are what make trying to stop pulling out minks lashes very difficult. Sufferers worry about what other people think which worsens the problem and only builds on the emotional anguish. By realizing the emotional triggers that start you pulling eyelashes, you can learn to work on curing yourself.

3. Acceptance

Accepting that you have a problem is a major step to stop pulling minks lashes. No one thinks any less of you for doing it, so confide in friends and family. The longer you hide from your problem of, the longer it will take to treat. With acceptance, you will start to feel better emotionally which in the end will help you physically stop pulling out eyelashes.


4. Relaxation and Distractions

A vital step to stop pulling minks lashes is that you learn to relax and free yourself from any anxiety, stress or emotional anguish. By distracting yourself and engaging in other activities, you will be too occupied to be pulling out eyelashes.

5. Use Lubricant

This method can be very effective to stop pulling out minks lashes. By applying a coat Vaseline to the eyelashes, they become slippery and make pulling eyelashes extremely difficult. A negative would be that this creates more frustration for the sufferer and hair gets pulled from other parts of the body.

Only some methods work effectively to stop pulling out eyelashes. The key to Trichotillomania treatment is about accepting and understanding the disorder. By learning to relax and keep occupied with other activities, the faster you will be able to stop pulling eyelashes.

minks lashes 
minks lashes

I have had a terrible time as a woman with trichotillomania ever since my teens. I didn’t realize how bad it was until recently. Shortly after accepting I had a problem and taking the treatment step-by-step , I am now cured. I want for other sufferers to be cured like I was, find my trichotillomania treatment here .


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