Modern East Indian Bridal Makeup

Although traditional East Indian bridal  packaging 3d private label mink eyelashes is still an enormous favourite among brides, many Indian brides today are opting for a more modern bridal look. As a professional makeup artist I’ve worked with many Indian brides and have found more and more are turning towards a modern twist to the traditional bridal look.

packaging 3d private label mink eyelashes
packaging 3d private label mink eyelashes

East Indian ladies have beautiful skin but quite often the skin will have yellow undertones. A professional makeup artist may need to combine 2 or 3 different foundation colours to match her client’s skin perfectly and also combine 2 or 3 different coloured concealers to conceal things like dark circles. The wrong colour foundation and concealer can bring ashy tones to Indian skin which can make an Indian bride look sallow and washed out.

Your typical East Indian wedding is filled with dramatic, striking looking gowns that embellish intricate designs and brides are usually draped in heavy dramatic jewellery. Therefore it’s important to balance your overall look with the correct makeup application. For that reason if your gown is dramatic in design, you should have dramatic eye makeup to match. If your gown is somewhat understated, try moving towards a more modern looking packaging 3d private label mink eyelashes look.

The use of colour is important in Indian weddings and traditionally reds and golds are the colours most used for bridal eye makeup. Indian eye makeup has traditionally been the focal point to the overall makeup look itself. To modernize this look, try using eyeshadow jewel tone colours such as blacks, light gold, golden pinks, violets, blues and turquoise.

Indian bride lips are always bold and beautiful with classic colours such as mulberry and gold playing a big part to the overall look. To add a more modern feel, opt instead for more subtle lip colours on your wedding day, such as pinks with golden highlights, creams with glittery gloss and matte brownish reds.

The use of highlighters are a must for the Indian bride! Try highlighting with bronzers just above the cheekbone, on the bridge of the nose and temples.

No matter what style of bridal packaging 3d private label mink eyelashes you choose for your East Indian wedding, you’re sure to look stunning.

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packaging 3d private label mink eyelashes
packaging 3d private label mink eyelashes

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